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After proudly telling my physician I had lost 30 lbs. and having him then say “Is that all?” I realized I needed someone to help me deal with my obesity in a way my physician couldn’t. Melinda and  THE F WORD FAT™ provided me with a safe place to finally be able to talk about my weight and make some decisions.         Esther E.




Many with obesity feel their healthcare is compromised as a result of their obesity. Healthcare professionals often “blame” medical complaints on the obesity completely dismissing the possibility there are other causes for these ailments. Over time, many patients become reluctant to seek care and when they do, they are hesitant to discuss their weight. Weight stigmatization by healthcare providers is well documented and common reactions include:

  • Lazy
  • No self-control
  • Unmotivated
  • Slovenly
  • No self-respect

THE F WORD FAT™ provides an unbiased, open environment to discuss weight and things weight-related. We provide the the information and support to help guide you in optimizing your healthcare experiences. 


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