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Are you overwhelmed by the treatment options for obesity –  medications, surgery, eating plan programs, online services, and others?


Have you felt pressure from friends,  family, healthcare providers, coworkers and others to do something about your weight?


How can THE F WORD FAT™ help?

Making the decision to manage these issues is extremely difficult. Between the social acceptance of weight bias, discrimination and fat shaming and the limited availability of resources to help, most times nothing is done. it That is why we created THE F WORD FAT™ – to provide a one-stop approach to make it manageable to address whatever needs arise.

As our founder knows firsthand, there is no easy way to make people stop behaving insensitively towards those who are overweight or obese. These behaviors are pretty much condoned, which makes it even harder to say “STOP”. Yet something needs to be done and THE F WORD FAT™ will tailor a program to fit the requirements of the specific situation and setting.

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