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About Us

Who are we?
THE F WORD FAT™ is dedicated to improving how the world views, perceives and acts towards those affected by obesity. Many of us have negative thoughts about “fat people”. We are part of a society that accepts and to a large degree, encourages “fat shaming”. There is an understood acceptance that fat people are fair game as the brunt of jokes, rudeness and disrespect. THE F WORD FAT™ provides resources, education and counseling for individuals, groups and organizations to help identify areas of weight bias and discrimination and find ways to change those responses.

There is a true irony here – with two out of three adults overweight or obese, the odds are pretty high we all know someone affected by obesity – a friend, family member, colleague or perhaps even you. And yet, despite this, there is no indication of a decrease in fat shaming or weight bias – that is how accepted and pervasive this problem is. The challenge to remedy it is great and the solutions need to be creative, nonjudgmental and engaging.

We at THE F WORD FAT™ can provide the necessary resources to help identify and decrease these behaviors. We do, for example, continuing education for healthcare professionals, anti-bullying programs, corporate awareness and improvement, train the trainer and one-on-one informational sessions.

Why us?
We understand how hard it is to talk about and acknowledge the presence of weight bias and shaming. And we know how to make it possible for it to be done sensitively and successfully. We have the expertise needed to get through this touchy topic and arrive at a more productive and compassionate end.

Melinda J Watman, BSN, MSN, MBA President and Founder, THE F WORD FAT™

I created the THE F WORD FAT™ largely as a result of my own personal obesity journey. I was overweight from the age of two and a half and with a maiden name of Katzman, it took about 30 seconds for the “mean kids” in grammar school to turn it into Fatzman, giving me a first hand understanding of how painful and damaging these experiences are.

THE F WORD FAT™ is my contribution to providing ways to prevent others from experiencing fat shaming, weight bias and discrimination.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Duke University, my Master of Science in Nursing from the Medical University of South Carolina and my MBA from Boston University. I spent years as a healthcare provider focused on women’s health and medical education, then took that expertise and applied it to several healthcare-related businesses. These experiences shared a common thread – whether businesses or individuals – my objective was to improve outcomes. That is what THE F WORD FAT™ does – be it individuals, groups or organizations.

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