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What makes THE F WORD FAT™ unique?
THE F WORD FAT™ is an independent company not affiliated with any programs, surgeons, hospitals, medical practices, pharmaceutical or medical device companies.

We know how difficult it is to confront and talk about weight-related issues – be it those struggling with weight management decisions or those concerned about the prevalence of weight bias and discrimination practices within their environment.THE F WORD FAT™ addresses all of these issues in a comprehensive, insightful, creative and engaging way. We educate healthcare professionals, speak to professional associations and community groups, provide pathways for businesses to eliminate weight discrimination practices and provide one-on-one consulting to those trying to make a decision about weight management. We are able to take this sensitive topic and bring new understanding and sensitivity to participants.

There is never a reason, excuse or instance when weight bias, discrimination or fat shaming should be considered OK. Individuals should never lack the resources to help them manage their weight. THE F WORD FAT™ is committed to changing the landscape. Let us be your partner in eliminating these problem.

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